A Portal to the World

Mar 16 2020

A Portal to the World

Located on stunning Tanna Island, Tanna Evergreen Resort began as a labour of love when the Numake family decided they wanted to use their family land to build something that would not only generate income, but help to secure their family’s future.
It took nearly two years to clear the land and build the first stage of Tanna Evergreen. Their initial accommodation offering was a tent and four basic bungalows, and they employed three part-time staff.

In 2015, Cyclone Pam devastated Tanna Island, Tanna Evergreen Resort and Vanuatu’s tourism market. The Numakes had to decide if it was financially viable to rebuild. Still passionate about Tanna Evergreen, at the start of 2016 the Numake family brought in external expertise to help them rebuild and implement a sustainable business growth strategy.

While part of that growth strategy included upgrading the accommodation, expanding to 30 rooms and building a swimming pool, Tanna Evergreen also joined PTI Australia’s Digital Tourism program in July 2016. Being part of the program enabled them to build a booking-capable website, giving them the ability to reach the international tourism market directly and increase market awareness of their accommodation offering.

Tanna Evergreen Marketing Manager, Stephanie Webb, said Tanna Evergreen’s website developed through PTI Australia’s Digital Tourism program has been a key tool helping to drive the year-on-year growth of the resort.

“Having a website so that customers can book directly with us as well as being able to link to online travel agencies has been key to our growth. The platform allows us to easily take control of our offerings. We have the flexibility to run specials during low season, and use the inbuilt features of the booking engine, such as a 10 per cent early bird special for any guest who books their accommodation at least two months prior to check-in, and the 'On Request' feature where a request for a booking can still come through and we can contact the potential customer even if the resort is at full occupancy.

“Being part of PTI Australia’s Digital Tourism program has given us the tools to confidently market and grow awareness of what we offer on Tanna. This growth has seen us double our number of employees from 20 in 2016 to 50 in 2019, which has had an immense impact on the families that live on Tanna."